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January 1, 2030


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January 1, 2030

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Post Comp Recap - It's not over yet !!

September 12, 2017
Category: Training

Check out the latest update from Brendon and Nikayla to find out what they've been doing post comp and what is coming up next. Competing is over for the year for them but now it is time for some top clients to shine too. More info coming soon :)
Tags: nutritionist personal trainer comp prep

Brendon & Nikayla getting offered Pro Cards @ the Pan Pacifics 2017

September 12, 2017
Category: Training

Brendon and Nikayla have been sharing their journey to the stage for the last 12 weeks and what better way to end this part of the series than for you all to see us winning our classes and being asked THE QUESTION 😲😲 Will we become WFF Professional Athletes or have we got other goals we want to achieve as Amateurs first??

Tags: nutritionist personal trainer comp prep

Post Comp Re-cap !!

September 12, 2017
Category: Training

So the show is done and dusted. Both taking home our class wins and being offered Professional League cards. :D

We now come to you live from a pool in Bali, recaping on the prep and show day. What is coming up next for team Dynamic? :)

Tags: nutritionist personal trainer comp prep

Game day !! Backstage at the Pan Pacific Champs

September 12, 2017
Category: Training

The day we'd all been waiting for. Show day ! Join us in this video for a quick look backstage and the latest update on how we're all doing. Stay tuned !!

Tags: personal trainer nutritionist comp prep

6 Days Out !!!

August 20, 2017
Category: Training

Here we are guys !!! 6 days out from the biggest show of the year !! Sit down with us as we give you a run down on how the final few days all come together and the last little thoughts and feelings on how everyones tracking :)

FYI we will also be running a 'Post Comp Series' where we take you through how we go about coming out the other side of a competition prep .... this is where we start to reintroduce foods , change up training and have a bit of fun while we are still in great shape !! There will be lots of treat meals and other yummyness getting created in the Dynamic Kitchen ;)
Tags: post comp health new plymouth personal trainers new plymouth nutritionist online nutritionist

2 Weeks Out !!!

August 11, 2017
Category: Training

2 Weeks Out Guys!!!

It's been a hell of a journey and it's not over yet. Let's see if we can last the rest of the prep with no breakdowns haha

Make sure you check this installment out as we've included some clips from our latest train too

Tags: competition prep bodybuilding show bodybuilding new zealand

Brett Woodmass - Testimonial !!

August 11, 2017
Category: Clients Journey

I came to Dynamic Nutrition back when i started up boxing again. I had set myself a goal to be fighting under 75kg and be as lean as possible without dropping any existing muscle.

Brendon took this on board and asked a lot of questions about workouts and other activity levels to find out exactly what was required. So i was set up with a full meal plan, i got eating more food then i ever had before!  It was great! 

My energy levels have been boosting so training has been a breeze after work.

My health and fitness levels are up and just over all feel super healthy in general. The muscle was slightly building and the fat just falling off.

Not having any guesswork to make my weight for weigh in made it so easy and stress free leaving me ripped and ready fight, so my focus could go on the training and preparing for fight day . I recently competed in the central north island boxing champs and come out on top of my weight class.

Diet has definitely played a massive part of my training and Brendon got it spot on. So much knowledge and motivation!

Tags: boxing nutritionist fighting fit boxing new plymouth

3 Weeks Out With Dean !!

August 08, 2017
Category: Training

At 3 weeks out we have Brendon's brother Dean who we are also prepping for this show chatting about his experience so far. Each of our journeys are very different, especially as we get closer to the show day. :D

Tags: nutritionist personal trainer comp prep coach

3.5 Weeks Out !!

August 04, 2017
Category: Training

The days and weeks are flying by now .... still a little more time up our sleeves to dial it in for the biggest show of the year !!

Tags: figure coach bodybuilding shows ketogenic nutrionist

5 Weeks To Go !!!

July 29, 2017
Category: Training

Check out Nikaylas individual installment of 5 Weeks Out !!

Its amazing how ones journey can really provide perspective and enlightenment

Tags: Personal trainer new plymouth online training coach fat loss coach

5 Weeks To Go !!!

July 29, 2017
Category: Training

Although we are prepping together we both experience different highs and lows as individuals . This week we decided to run with two individual videos just to give more of an insight into how its going personally ....

Check out Brendons video here and look for Nikaylas to be up within the next few days .... its been tough but we will continue to push forward towards that goal

Tags: Competition prep nutrition coach bodybuilding show

6 Weeks Out !! Its Coming around Fast Now !!!

July 21, 2017
Category: Training

6 Weeks Out Guys!!

Life has been super crazy for us over the past few weeks, trying to juggle business, prep and our relationship. In this video we talk about what we do to try and keep the balance in our lives during prep, especially as we get closer and the intensity keeps stepping up.

Also, coming from a secret location. Youll have to watch to find out where we are

Tags: Bodybuilding competition nutrition coach new plymouth nutritionist

8 weeks out !! Times Ticking by !!

July 14, 2017
Category: Training

Catch up with us as we hit the 8 Weeks Out point . Preps really starting to kick into high gear , visual changes are coming through and the mental aspect is starting to get hard !! Good times haha !!
Tags: weight loss coach fat loss experts personal trainer new plymouth

9 Weeks Out !!!

July 14, 2017
Category: Training

Brendon & Nikayla are now 9 weeks out. Starting to push a bit harder and make a few more changes this week. It's game time

From this point onwards our check ins with you guys are going to get a bit more exciting. We will be giving you the honest truth about current feelings towards training and prep in general, no sugar coating haha. If there's anything you'd like us to talk about more in the next video comment below and we will make sure to add it in

Stay tuned as we get closer to walking on that stage

Tags: fitness trainer health coach personal training new plymouth

Transform Yourself From the Comfort Of Your Own Home !!

July 03, 2017
Category: Motivation

Dont have time to get down to the gym ??

Too busy for a face to face consultation ??

We dont want your busy schedule to stop you from prioritizing your health , fitness and well being .... this is where we come in with ONLINE NUTRITION, TRAINING & LIFE COACHING !!

Our focus with this service is too provide you with the tools to achieve your goals ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME with the support of two knowledgeable , encouraging experts right by your side !!

Check out these results from one of our online skype clients - 3.8kgs down !! 1.5cms off the arms !! 1.5cms off chest/bust !! 6.5cms off the WAIST !! 5cms off the HIP !! & 4.5cms off the calf !! Check out the dates ... this happened in 2 weeks !! CRAZY RESULTS !!

All of this in the comfort of her own home with a body weight based training program & nutrition overhaul !!

This could be YOU ......

Contact us today for your FREE 15minute Skype consultation !!

Tags: Dynamic Bodys ketogenic diet how to lose weight

Inside View Into Comp Prep - 11 Weeks Out !!

June 07, 2017
Category: Training

Check out this weeks update with Brendon & Nikayla as they embark on there journey to the stage !!

Take a seat on the couch with them both as they discuss training , post workout nutrition and energy output . Theres also a little bit of training footage to give you an idea of whats actually going down in the gym at this point of the prep :)

Enjoy !!
Tags: bodybuilding coach personal training healthy living

2017 Nabba/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix

June 05, 2017
Category: Clients Journey

After spending the last year training hard, eating well and losing fat, the idea of doing a show became very exciting for me. We weren't sure how long it was going to take or what we were going to do to get there but we were determined to make it happen and knew exactly what we wanted to achieve.

It was roughly 20 weeks out from the Christchurch show that we decided that would be the one. The first time that I'd walk onto a bodybuilding stage and put myself in front of all those people to be judged.

Let me tell you something... getting a female to drop under 10% body fat is hard!!! Especially the first time round !!  Regardless of this fact we pushed through and made it happen. Entering the show well into single digits .

It definitely wasn't all smooth sailing though, as there was 7 weeks of my prep where I had no movement at all on the scales. This was hard for me... As it being first time round I struggled to understand and trust that we would be able to get me to make weight. After many conversations with Brendon and him telling me every time that he had it sorted and would get me there, I would not listen. I became fixated on it, weighing every day, counting the grams.It wasn't until Brendon sat me down and really drilled it into me that my mindset was holding me back ..... he upped my food intake ( which was an absolute mind bender ) and changed our training significantly , more relaxation techniques were applied and the fat started to come away again .

As the show date got closer I began worrying again, so much so that I was lucky to even make weight in the end. I put so much stress on my body that everything we did struggled to work. So... Lesson learnt, trust in the process and keep stress levels low!!! The body won't do anything if you stress the way I did.

The day of the show was huge for me. Getting up early to eat, get all tanned up and hair and make up done ... Then down to the show venue. Standing around all the other competitor's is a little intimidating, looking at everyone with their big puffy gowns on, trying to picture what they look like under there, if they are in your class and what you'll look like standing next to them. It's hard not to get caught up in it all and the tricks that your mind plays on you.

Walking out onto that stage surprised me, I felt so confident and so proud of what we had achieved. All the nerves left my body and effortlessly I posed and smiled and genuinely enjoyed myself. Winning my class was an amazing feeling and didn't really sink in at first.

Walking off stage with my head held high, trophy in hand, then running to Brendon and hugging him with excitement, tan and all. We were both so happy, but knew it wasn't over yet. Time for the overall line up with my biggest competition yet.

We knew before I walked back out on that stage that a tough call was going to be made. Who was going to win the overall title? One of the leaner women with less muscle... or me... Not as lean but a lot more muscle in all the right places. After a round of posing the judges made their decision, the leaner woman took the trophy. We understood why the judges made that call and left the stage with head held high knowing what we had to go away and do to win the overall at the next show.

For a first show we did great, I loved the experience, I learnt a lot and we now know exactly what I need to work on to take my condition and physique to the next level... All we have to do is get leaner... Easy right 😉

With all the support of my family, friends and clients I know I can achieve anything. I have been so lucky to have my partner there by my side the whole way, every train, every meal, every near meltdown, every step of the way. He has kept me going when I lost sight of the goal and been my biggest fan right from the beginning, even before everyone else noticed me because of my physique. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything Brendon, you are an amazing man 😁

Now we are on our next little journey, entering a comp prep together. I have a feeling this will be entirely different than the last one. I can't wait to share this with him and both bring next level physiques in 12 weeks time.

Tags: online trainer online nutritionist competition prep

Chris Gorringe - Client Journey

May 31, 2017
Category: Clients Journey

I think now is the best time to come and do this and just write a little bit of a thank you for all the hard work and support that you have given me since February this year.

As we both know I started my change of lifestyle journey in January this hear tipping the scales at 153kg. I was lethargic, always tired and never had the motivation to do anything.

5 months later and with the support of both of you to help me achieve what I have, it has just been amazing. I now weigh 123kg, and have so much more energy.

I sleep better at night and always have motivation and confidence to achieve what I want to in life. This hasn't been an easy journey but enough to teach me lessons for the rest of my life that I want to live by.

 As I begin this new journey I'm embarking on I know that I will have the skills, knowledge and support of both Brendon amd Nikayla to help me train hard, eat right and get the results I want. Thanks heaps to both of you 🙌

Tags: lose weight nutritionist new plymouth online nutritionist


May 29, 2017
Category: Training

Brendon and Nikayla are bringing you a unique perspective on a 12 week competition prep!!!

We have set a goal for 12 weeks time to get back on stage in our best condition yet and we want you to be a part of it. :)

We will be taking you on our week to week journey to the stage . Offering you an insight into what comp prep looks like from the inside out and also a couples perspective of getting ready for a show under the same roof .

At this point it is all going as planned but we have only just begun.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to see inside our day to day lives, what we live and breathe every day and the battles we will face along the way.

This will be a completely RAW, unedited series so be prepared for the truth!!

Tags: nutritionist personal trainer comp prep

Helen Hastie - Client Journey

May 02, 2017
Category: Clients Journey

Brendon was recommended to me by my personal trainer. I've never been to a nutritionist before so was unsure how it would go. He's a nice person. He's not intimidating even after you've stared at his competition photos and realised how much time and effort he puts into his body. On the other hand you realise he must know a thing or two.

I found he listened carefully to me and asked relevant questions - including what foods did I like - that gave me hope. He has put together a food plan that is able to be followed, has variations and plenty of food - no starving here! Plus there's flexibility, it's not about never eating anything not on the plan just making good choices when you do and treats are ok occasionally.

A good surprise as the weeks went by was the ease of now choosing nutritious food . Another surprise was finding supermarket shopping much easier. Most shopping is done in the outside aisles.

Monthly reviews are helpful to measure results, ask questions, alter plan if necessary. Feedback is always prompt, professionally presented and easy to follow with helpful links and always supportive.

Brendon has made a difference in my life, I am getting great results, I wish I'd seen him years ago. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to make good changes to their nutrition.

Tags: nutritionist health expert weight loss

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